Newbury, Torbay and Weston Rallies 2018

From Carol 2E1RBH and Jenni M0HZT

Newbury 2018 – June 24th
We left home early as usual and arrived just in time to set up the stand for the Rally. Jenni was unable to attend this Rally so did it on my own with Robert’s help. We had a few visitors, Elaine and Mary and a few ladies with their OMs who showed interest. A couple of them had taken their Foundation, but as yet had not been on air.

It was a very hot day and needless to say I got a bit sunburnt. Nothing serious though.

BYLARA is getting into the Rally scene now and we get recognised by many Traders and other Clubs. We get quite a few invites, but some of them are too far away for us to attend.

All in all we had a good day and finished about 15.00hrs. Robert and myself then packed up and had a picnic, which was rather nice. Really good day and we look forward to returning — we were, of course, invited back again next year.

Torbay 2018 — August 26th
Once again we were up early to get to Newton Abbot Racecourse where the Rally is held. Rob, Merfyn and Jenni were present as well. Rob was representing SDRS our home Club and Jenni supported me again except she did most of it because I had fractured a rib playing ball with JJ. Long story!
As usual they were pleased to see us but, as for women members, other than Pam Helliwell, there were few in attendance. It was of course nice to see everybody again and exchange views on Radio matters.

The weather was not nice down there and rained (misty drizzle) all day. We packed up about 15.30hrs and we all headed home.

Weston-Super-Mare – September 16th (1)

Got up at 05.30hrs and proceeded to pack the car ready for the journey. We left at 07.00 and headed to the venue. We arrived at 09.15 and unloaded and set up the table. Jenni and Merfyn arrived at approx 09.30.

BYLARA stand at the Weston Rally 2018

I had already set up the stand as can be seen in the photograph provided by Jenni. I decided to wear the pink cheesecloth shirt to see what the response would be and it was liked by male and female alike. The committee, representatives and members have still to decide which shirt we are going to use. We have also chosen, as an alternative, a pink tee-shirt. When chosen, we then have to decide what goes on them — BYLARA ladies badge or embroidery plus one’s name and callsign.

As Jenni has said in her report (below), we spoke to a husband and wife team from South Africa. They seem to have a problem with propagation. The husband is giving a talk at Trowbridge & District Club (TDARC) next week. It would be interesting to go along and listen but Rob my OM is away on a DXpedition to Herm Island off Guernsey so will be unable to go. Jenni also had contact with two interested parties and we had a renewal.

Everyone at the event was friendly and helpful and a gentleman from Lancashire (who did not wish to be named) gave us a handheld to be used as a prize at Newark at the end of the month. We also had a donation of £7.00 from another gentleman who did not wish to be named either. So all in all a good day was had by all. We packed up and were away by about 14.00hrs. We paid a visit to Weston-Super-Mare sands and had a bite to eat and gave JJ a run on the beach.

We arrived home at about 19.30. Long day. Both tired but very pleased with the event. I would like to say thankyou to Jenni for coming to the event to support me.

Carol, 2E1RBH

Weston-Super-Mare – September 16th (2)
The day of the rally at Weston Super Mare started out quite dark… we did wonder if the rain would come, but we seemed to drive out of it, and when we got to Weston, a good day was had.

I had one renewal, and I got a young Welsh lass, from Pen-coed, who has just passed her foundation, interested. She had brought no money otherwise I think she might have joined us. I gave her a flyer and we shall see what happens. We met up with a couple from South Africa… propagation is not kind to them… they like to be active in a club… watch this space! I started talking to a G6 lady by the name of Helen and got her interested. I gave her a flyer, she will look at the website and QRZ, and we will see.

The picture of Carol is of her modelling her shirt, it’s pink cotton, and above the pocket on the left, is where ‘BYLARA’ will be embroidered… it looks very smart, this is for the ladies to see what we are changing to…

Jenni, M0HZT

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