Updated 1st February 2020

Some members of BYLARA are keen contesters. The WA7BNM Contest Calendar is an invaluable source of all sorts of events coming up during the year. Below is some information specific to the RSGB Contests, and how you can support BYLARA by taking part. Please also see our New and Events page for information on any special events.

Giving Points to BYLARA in RSGB Contests
There are many and varied RSGB Contests throughout the year – . You may already take part in some on behalf of your local club. If not, you could still participate, even casually, and give your points to BYLARA!

In most RSGB contests there are two Club categories: General and Local. If you wish to give your points to BYLARA in any contest other than the FMACs, please enter under the General Club category.

As a small, dispersed, national association we can’t pretend to be particularly competitive, but it’s still great to get BYLARA in the logs to demonstrate that we are active!

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