BYLARA & GB0GDS JOTA 2013 Station

Cubs listening to Operator Stephanie MM3YGE talking on the radio

BYLARA members, Stephanie MM3YGE, Eunice MMUVL and Kai MM1AUF, along with other members of the Greenock and District Scout and Guides Amateur Club, operated a station for the Scout Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) during the weekend of 19th and 20th October 2013.

Beaver talking on the radio

Throughout the weekend the station was visited by several of the District’s Scout Groups, who participated in numerous radio related activities on the way to completing Beaver Explore and Cub and Scout Communicator Activity Badges.

We were also visited by some of our local amateur radio operators, including one of the newest Andy Currie MM6OOK and probably one of our oldest Jim Gray GM3LRG.

During the weekend the station contacted a grand total of 110 stations including over 40 other Jamboree stations, mainly UK based. Additionally contact was made with stations in 15 other countries throughout the world.

Operating from Greenock, the birth place of James Watt, the radio team were particularly pleased to make contact with another special event station operating from a Victorian Pumping Station using one of the original James Watt Steam engines!

Young Beaver  looking at the radio
73rd Scouts on the radio during JOTA 2013
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