At BYLARA, we believe your safety is paramount. The Blackpool Rally at NARSA in April has been cancelled, as will probably other local Rallies into the Spring and potentially the Summer. Following Government advice and initiatives of many businesses and organisations around the world, we will be cancelling BYLARA’s involvement in any public event, for at least three months and until further notice that it becomes safe once again to reach out into the public.

Meanwhile, we will maintain public presences on our website at as well as our Facebook page at where you can see details of on air scheds. We will also seek to share further information of other online opportunities and promote these as an opportunity for YL’s to come together and enjoy this hobby. If you are not a member, we encourage you to join us, and enjoy conversations on our Facebook member’s hub to make connections with other YL’s.

We are fortunate as women to have a great hobby to enjoy, making contacts all around the world, whilst staying safe in our own homes.

We at BYLARA wish everyone health and happiness, and hope for better things to come.