Forthcoming Events

29th April 2018 will be BYLARA’s 39th Anniversary/Birthday. This coincides with the Norbreck Rally at Blackpool.

Members are welcome to meet at the stand for a chat on the day. They are also invited to join the Annual ‘Fish and Chip Supper’ held by W.A.B. at Bishpam Kitchen on Saturday 28th April. More details to follow

29th April 2018: Blackpool Radio Rally. Stand by Val G6MML and Elaine 2E1BVS. All are welcome to visit. Val and Elaine have previously won ‘best stand’ at this event. They and their OMs are planning to activate the Isle of Barra in May.

Mid May: GB5BOH will be activated by Elaine 2E1BVS, John G3WFK (her OM), Val G6MML and Glenn G6HFF (her OM). They will be visiting the Isle of Barra. More details to follow.