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40 M Net – 7.055 MHz

Tuesday – 1400 UTC Winter and 1500 UTC Summer – Sept-May

20 M Net – 14.120 Mhz

Tuesday – 1700 UTC – Sept-May

80 M East Net – 3.750 MHz

Monday 7 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Atlantic Sept-May

YL Thursday Night Net

This net alternates between 40 M and 20 M each week. 0100UTC

40 M – 7.193 +/-

20 M – 14.288.0 +/-


Monday – 1500 UTC – 14.288 +/-
Rose-Marie KB4RM – Net Controller

Tangle Net

Thursday 1800 UTC – 14.297 +/-
Pat K7DUC – Net Controller

Sue KA6SOC – Assistant Net Controller


Please invite all YLs you know to join us! Net begins at 8:00PM EST Thursday which equates to 01:00 UTC Friday

You can join via RF on 145.47 (-) PL 100.0Hz or ECHOLink Node 560686 (NF4GA-R)

As a brief reminder, we welcome OMs to listen, but kindly request that only YLs check in as this net is specifically put together for YLs. Thanks again for such wonderful support from all!

Please go to YLRL Nets at for more information.

Catherine KK4UBQ-net control

Triple T Net

Every two weeks (next one Dec 14th)
2130 UTC Repeater Station *VE3TTT* (echolink)
or IRLP Node # 2400
Minnie VE3DBQ or Audrey VE1PK

YL Friendship Net (Australia)

1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month (next one Dec. 17th)
2100 UTC Conference Staion ALARA (echolink)
or IRLP Node # 9509

YL Downunder Net

4th Thursday of every month
0500 UTC VKEMCOMM (echolink)
or Conference station ALARA
or IRLP Node # 9509
Shirley VK5YL

222 Net

14.222 Mondays @ 0530 UTC (Sunday Evening in Canada)
If band conditiions are good and there is a net controller


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