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As many of you may well be aware, Liz has decided to step down as the Web Mistress for BYLARA and we thank We thank them very much for stepping up and agreeing to do this for us.

We would like to pay tribute to the work that Liz (and her husband Brian) have done on behalf of strong BYLARA

Liz has been licensed since 1995 now combines Guiding and Amateur Radio as often as possible. She can usually be found on the air from a TDOTA (Thinking Day on the Air) or JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) station during the third weekend of February and October respectively each year. As National TDOTA coordinator for Girl Guiding, she is webmaster for Guides on the Air UK and tries to encourage and assist stations who wish to take part in the activity each year. We would like to ask you to support this event please.

Our late Membership Secretary, Jackie Head MØCUR, was also a keen supporter of the Guiding movement.

Liz is a member of Itchen Valley Amateur Radio club and, with other members, she has helped to set up and operate numerous special event stations and field day events – see IVARC

Here we see her encouraging a brownie to speak on the air.

In January 2009 she was part of an all YL International Dxpedition to the Falklands with the call VP8YLB. Nicky, MM5YLO was another member of the team.

Shorty's meal

Shorty’s meal

This is the Falkland Isles Group posing together and enjoying a social meal.

Liz and Brian have now retired and are looking forward to spending some time travelling together. We wish them well. We are not sure if they will appear on the air & mobile, but if you do hear them please give them a call.

We would like to thank them both for all the work that they have done.

Liz and Brian launched their site at the beginning of 2012, having made preparations during the previous couple of months. This replaced Daphne G7ENA as there was a problem moving providers.

DXpedition Team

DXpedition Team

Daphne Neal G7ENA

As Daphne will be editing this, I hope that she will approve of what I have to say. Daphne has done a wonderful job of Editing the Newsletter, with a little break, for many years. She is also responsible for getting BYLARA onto the internet in the first place, both with a website and a Yahoo reflector. So THANK YOU very much Daphne for all you do. It is very much appreciated.

Val Lemko VE5ACJ and Yvonne Van Dijk ZB6TBL

Val and Yvonne are our new volunteer Web Mistresses. Articles and news may be sent to Carol 2E1RBH or Jenni MØHZT, who will forward them on. Thank you to all who support and encourage others.

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