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Joining BYLARA

If you would like to join BYLARA and receive copies of our newsletter (4 times a year) Please click here for the  BYLARA Membership Application Form.   With this form you may now just type on it in the  spaces required, then print it out and mail return it to our Membership Secretary, or you can just print it out, fill it in, and mail in.

Membership with BYLARA

Full membership is open to all ladies living in the UK
Associate membership is available to all in Europe (outside the UK), Asia and overseas members.

Commenting on the BYLARA Website

You do not need to be registered on the website in order to comment. You just need to do some ‘math’ to show you are not a ‘bot’ or ‘spambot’.


  1. Re “Join BYLARA”, Jenni M0HZT invited me to do so ~ end 2016. URL/link furnished produced form too small to complete. Now that I try again, “Please _click here_ for the BYLARA Membership Application Form” above results in 404 & goes to News. Just found joint WebMistresses in “Who’s Who”, will query them. Item truly ought be accessible here IMHO.

  2. BYLARA on RSGB Club Site is at
    This lists the main BYLARA website as being

    But this URL is blocked by Government Censorship filters saying:
    The site was blocked because it matched the following categories:
    – Pornography and Adult

    This is known to affect access using O2 and SKY, presumably affects other ISP’s as well.

  3. Does BYLARA have a bank account,that I can pay my subscription into? My bank only issues postal orders in SEK, not in other currencies. They rekommend transfers, but I need an account number.

    • Dear Kirstin (and anyone else who would like to pay by bank transfer).

      BYLARA’s bank details are: –

      Sort Code – 30-95-21
      Account number 001795441

      Hope this helps,

      Judith, G4IAQ

      • Hello Judith,
        The account number you’ve posted has 9 digits, but my bank requires exactly 8 digits for an account number.

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