A Little Bit About Us

Who We Are

This is just a little bit of info about our Exec and our area reps.

Judith G4IAQ– Our Treasurer:

I was licensed in April 1979 at the same time as my husband. I was given the call sign before his (I am G4IAQand he is G4IAR) as an act of kindness. I was one of 8 people who started BYLARA)at Drayton Manor Park, in the canteen. I was persuaded to become Treasurer by Rita Shepherd G3NOB. Rita was instrumental in encouraging me through the RAE and was one of the driving forces behind the group being formed.

Dave and I have two children, Rachel and Sarah. Rachel is in the final year of her Nursing Degree and Sarah is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Chef. She uses her knowledge of exercise and food to help others

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