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the weekend, 25th and 26th January saw us battling rain, and wind, to do the GB8RNLI, Thank you all who came back to us, Saturday night, I cqing in my sleep, Carol-2E1RBH said she was answering me… lol, on the Sunday we were joined by our latest member, who has just obtained her call sign, she is Tracy-M6TEP, she she is a natural, and will be a exellent member of the team, we got 225 contacts, the annoying thing is, when we ha to finish sunday, there was another pile up….

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F4DHQ – Sophie

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On Saturday 25th Jan 2014, 10hZ will be the YL QSO around 7.188+/-10. We will try to do the QSO even if it is the CW contest “coupe du REF” F4DHQ – Sophie

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CLARA Contest 2014

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CLARA CONTEST 2014 – This year we continue with computer contacts with regular scoring using either Echolink or CQ100. Please keep these scores separated. Contest days are: Tuesday, March 18th and Saturday March 22nd for a total of 24 hours. Time: from 17:00 Zulu to 17:00 Zulu the following day for each day. This is after the daylight savings time change. 17:00 Zulu in Canada is 2:30 pm Newfoundland 2:00 pm Atlantic Daylight Time NB, NS, PEI 1:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time ON QC 12:00 noon Central Daylight Time MB 11:00 am SK 10:00 am Mountain Daylight Time AB BC 9:00 am Pacific Daylight Time BC RULES 1. WARC(World Amateur Radio Conference) does not allow 12, 17, 30 meters for contesting. 2. Suggested Frequencies: a) CW 14.033, 21. 033, 7.033, 3.688 b) Phone 28.300, 21.255, 14.120, 14.285, 7.033-7.200, 3.750, 3.900 Work CLARA and YL stations as often as you like, score only once per band/mode. 3. Cross mode contacts count as phone for both stations. 4. Categories: Single operator only for logged scores. However, have those family members beside you for family points! (No time limits per contact). 5. Exchange: Signal Report, Name, Call Sign, QTH (location) Log must show: Signal Report, Date, Time, Mode, Band, Name, Call Sign, QTH (location) and note QSO points (if you can – otherwise the contest manager will score...

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GOTA in Canada

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GUIDES ON THE AIR (GOTA) 2014 Guides on the Air (GOTA) will be on February 15th and 16th, the earliest is can be since it is always the 3rd full weekend in February. If you know any members of Girl Guides, from Sparks to Trefoil, please consider inviting them to get on the air that weekend and see if you can find any Guides to talk to.If you don’t know any Guides, please consider tuning up and listening out for the giggles and pauses that tell you there are Guides on. Although the idea is for the girls to talk to other Guides, they often have wonderful ham radio experience when they have a contact with an experienced and interesting operator who can copy through the QRM and QRN, think of things to ask, and speak clearly. If you make contact with some girls and give them the pleasure of the contact, it means that they are talking and another GOTA station might hear them and put out a call. Then you can hand over the frequency and listen to the youngsters chat! GOTA frequencies are loosely based on 33s and 88s. 14.133, 14.288, 21.288, 28.488, and so forth. Of course everyone has to find a clear frequency but these numbers give you an idea where to look. If there is a Guide group on the air locally they might also be on 2 meters, and be happy to have a chat with you. The event runs from Friday night local time to Sunday evening local. Prime times tend to be when it is daytime in Britain, as the UK stations are the most active. Hope to talk to you in...

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