2018 YLRL Favorite Song


The 2018 YLRL certificate will be called the 2018 YLRL FAVORITE SONG CERTIFICATE!  This one should be a lot of fun!  In 2018, let’s find out what everyone’s favorite song is.  Here are the rules for this new award

Here are the rules for this new award
1.  Talk to YLs and exchange favorite song.  If you don’t have a favorite song just choose a song to give out.
2.  You will need to collect 15 songs.  All 15 songs must be different.
3.  You will need one YL for each song. You can only use a song once.  You can only use a YL once.
4.  All contacts must be made during the 2018 year (January 1 – December 31, 2018).
5.  Contacts may be made on any band the YL is licensed to be on, and any mode including SSB, all digital modes, Echo-link, and repeaters.
6.  Favorite song must be exchanged over the air.  You cannot e-mail someone after the contact and ask them for their favorite song.
7.  Contacts may be made during nets only if the net control allows it.
8.  Report the following for each contact:
Date, time, band, first name, QTH, FAVORITE SONG.
9.  Send your list  to the Certificates Manager at any time during the year, but no later than the end of January 2019 to receive your certificate.
10.  This certificate is available ONLY to YLs.
A few hints on the songs …
1.  Be specific in your choice of your favorite song.
2. A song is a song.   If they then give you Rose of Texas, that’s all right.  BUT, you can’t ask them for a specific name of the song.
3.  If you don’t have a favorite song,  go to a website and look at all the different songs.   Then choose one that is unusual.
Applications may be submitted by:     e-mail  to: ve5aq@sasktel.net or mail to:
Val Lemko
1125 Iroquois St. W.
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Canada, S6H 5C1

You can download our Annual Award Application in PDF format here




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