Welcome to BYLARA

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Welcome to BYLARA!

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Elaine 2E1BVS and Val G6MML host the stand at Blackpool

Judith G4IAQ cuts the cake at the BYLARA Birthday Party

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 BYLARA Chair lady’s Message

We are just putting together the events, meetings and visits and will publish a full list in the next few days via the Web page.

As you will probably know Judith has agreed to take the website under her wing. So please let Judith have any information of events in your area and they will be placed on the site so that everyone will have the details as well as informing Maureen so that she can place the details in the Newsletter.

Judith and Maureen both work very hard to keep the site and magazine as up-to-date as the information they are given.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again through the year and hope that you are all keeping in good health.

I would also like to say a very big “thank you” to all of you who go out of your way to put BYLARA on the map, so to speak, and attend as many meets as they can. Without these ladies and all of you out there, there would be no BYLARA. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 God Bless.

Your Chairlady, Carol

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Our regular net is held on 3.688 MHz +/- every Thursday night at 18:30 UK time. All are welcome.

If conditions are poor, we try the Echolink ALARA node. Many thanks to ALARA for making this available to us.

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The British Young Ladies Amateur Radio Association (BYLARA) was founded in April 1979 to further YL operating in Britain and so promote friendship, stimulate interest and, in particular, encourage good operating techniques and courtesy to all operators at all times.
BYLARA is affiliated to the RSGB and membership is open to all. Since its formation BYLARA has been instrumental in establishing several YL activities as follows:-

  • Get togethers are organised at various Rallies throughout the country.
  • A Newsletter is produced quarterly in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. All news and views will be welcomed by the Editor.
  • The BYLARA Award and Scottish BYLARA Award are available for working BYLARA Members and other YLs. See the Awards section for details.
  • Activity days 6th of every month. Call CQ YL on the hour on frequencies ending in 88.

BYLARA @ groups.io is managed by Helen M0TMD.

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Details in BYLARA magazine.

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BYLARA has a Facebook group. Click the link below to access it.


Joining BYLARA

If you would like to join BYLARA and receive copies of our newsletter (4 times a year) Please click here  With this form you print it out and fill in then mail return it to our Membership Secretary.

Membership with BYLARA

Full membership is open to all ladies living in the UK.
Associate membership is available to all in Europe (outside the UK), Asia and overseas members.

Current prices: Adult YL £8; Additional Family £1 each; Overseas Airmail cover £5.

Members joining after January pay half-price for that year.

Commenting on the BYLARA Website

You do not need to be registered on the website in order to comment. You just need to do some ‘math’ to show you are not a ‘bot’ or ‘spambot’.