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“December’s wintery breath is already clouding the pond, frosting the pane, obscuring summer’s memory…”

John Geddes

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Due to the ‘bands being not too good, that there will be an Echolink net on Monday night at 20:00 U.K. time.. sign in on Echolink, then search for ALARA

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Well, the Milton Keyes IYL Convention is over.  From all the pictures I have seen, everyone had an absolutely marvelous time.

Well Done Girls of BYLARA, and thank you for giving everyone such a warm welcome!

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Chairmams Message

Hi All,

My Chairmams letter this time is mainly about the IYL Convention which is now fast approaching and we still have a lot to do.

All Venues and Coaches are on standby and hopefully by the end of August we will be able to give them numbers of people coming. WE NEED TO KNOW NUMBERS.

We have so far ladies and their partners from Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Scotland, Sweden and the USA. We have 27 confirmed and booked and we are awaiting confirmation on several more.

I am really looking forward to meeting these people and exchanging views, ideas and of course friendship. There has been a lot of work put in by some people and I am grateful to them and also those who are still flying the Banner for BYLARA in this important year for us.

I have over the last couple of weeks been doing up Display Boards and other loads of information that will be used at Lincoln Hamfest but have also taken some time for myself and family as they seemed to be neglected.

We will have a Radio Station at Novotel in the Reception area and it will run for the whole event as and when anybody wants to operate. We have applied for a special Call Sign for the this and we are awaiting confirmation at this time.

We have a Camp Site organised for both the Lincoln Hamfest and IYL Convention and if anybody would like to take advantage of this. Just let me know and I will book you in.

I have been asked if BYLARA would like to give a Lecture at the RSGB Convention which we have arranged to attend on the Saturday & Sunday. Initially I have said that we would be pleased to do this but have heard nothing from them at this moment in time. We will also have a Stand at the their convention which will be manned for the two days. I will do this but would appreciate breaks from anyone who would like to do an hour here and there.

Well, that is as much information as I can give at present but will keep you all updated by the Website. If you do not have this facility please let me know and I will forward it to either by snail mail or email.

As for myself, I am keeping as well as expected but have had a very down period for the month or so but I now seem to be coming out the other side. My son is over from South Africa for a few months and he is a handful to say the least (he is 40). My Granddaughter comes down next week for two weeks to be with her Father and that really should be fun and games.

So I will say goodbye for another quarter but keep an eye on the Web Site or even Facebook for any notification of any kind.

Looking forward to meeting you all again at Lincoln and then at the Convention.

33 & 88 de Carol 2E1RBH
BYLARA Chairmam

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The British Young Ladies Amateur Radio Association (BYLARA) was founded in April 1979 to further YL operating in Britain and so promote friendship, stimulate interest and, in particular, encourage good operating techniques and courtesy to all operators at all times.
BYLARA is affiliated to the RSGB and membership is open to all. Since its formation BYLARA has been instrumental in establishing several YL activities as follows:-

  • Get together are organised at various Rallies throughout the country.
  • A Newsletter is produced quarterly in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. All news and views will be welcomed by the Editor.
  • The BYLARA Award and Scottish BYLARA Award are available for working BYLARA Members and other Yls.
  • Activity days 6th of every month. Call CQ YL on the hour on frequencies ending in 88
  • Wednesday, Jenni MØHZT is starting new nets on 40m on 7.175 +/- QRM from 07.00 – 0900, 11.00 – 13.00 and 20.00 – 2200, using callsign MØBYL

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